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 atr3yu for mod

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PostSubject: atr3yu for mod   atr3yu for mod EmptySat Sep 05, 2009 12:48 am

1. What is your Age? 16

2. How long have you been with NullPkz? 3-4 days

3. Do you meet the requirements of atleast 20 posts? no Sad

4. Are there any staff that you have personally talked to that could vouch for you?yes the the light

5. Are you an active player?yes vary active like 6-7 hours on a bad day

6. What could you bring to the NullPk/Scape community?um i can get rid of those annoying auto talkers i have really good memory for the digits in the name i also can bring allot of people because im a co owner on a few servers and have allot of friends on all of them

7. Please tell us if you are maxed yet in the NullPkz/Scape game.no I've been working on it though

8. Have you had any experience in any other private server with a staff position?yes i have i was a mod on fatal nations the day before it went offline I've been co owner on sinzscape for about 5 months now and have admin on devine pk

I think that I should be a mod because i could help the server a lot for when it starts to grow and i like to be a part of things so i will try my best to be the best that i can for the greater good of the server because I've seen a lot of servers go down because of neglegence from the staff
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PostSubject: Re: atr3yu for mod   atr3yu for mod EmptySat Sep 05, 2009 1:09 am

Ill vouch you for staff because your a really cool guy and gets along with everyone. You respect players as they would like to be treated and your a really nice guy. haha i remember the time drav3r told you to shut up and you did for like 5mins lol. Your also very active and tbh i think your mod material! which i rarely say often to people.

Keep it up and youll have mod in no time. Just stay loyal to the server and respect/ help all players and staff. which ive seen you doing so far Very Happy
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atr3yu for mod
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