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 Santas Mod/Staff Application

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Santa Claus

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Santas Mod/Staff Application Empty
PostSubject: Santas Mod/Staff Application   Santas Mod/Staff Application EmptySun Dec 12, 2010 6:37 am

Hello My ingame name is santa claus,

1) What is your age? My age at the moment 14

2) How long have you been with NullPkz? I have just recently started

3) Do you meet the requirements of 20 posts? No i do not because i have just started, but however if a get the position of a mod i will be more active Very Happy

4) Are there any staff that you have personally talked to that could vouch for you? No Very Happy

5) Are you an active player? Yes as soon as my client has downloaded and i promise if i get the position i will be active for at least 20 mins a day

6) What could you bring to the NullPk/Scape community? Well if anyone needed help i would help them if anyone was advertising I wouldnt immediately ban them i would ask them to stop and if they didnt i would mute them

7) Please tell us if you are maxed yet in NullPk/Scape game? No i am not Smile

Cool Have you had any experience in any other private server with a staff position? Nope i havent but i have watched how some off the staff act and not all of them are helpful however i will be

Extra Information

Well i think you should make me a mod/staff purely because i am very friendly and helpful and i would grately considerate NullPkz making me a Mod/Staff.
I think thats just about everything you need to know and thanks for reading this application!
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Santas Mod/Staff Application
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