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 Gu44th's mod application

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Gu44th's mod application Empty
PostSubject: Gu44th's mod application   Gu44th's mod application EmptySun Nov 28, 2010 2:35 am

1. What is your Age?
My name is brandon and i am 13 years old.

2. How long have you been with NullPkz?
i have been with nullpkz for 3months now and know my way around the game.

3. Do you meet the requirements of atleast 20 posts?
i can honestly say no i dont but if i get this position i will be able to meet the requirements in 20mins

4. Are there any staff that you have personally talked to that could vouch for you?
no there is not any staff that could vouch for me on this server.

5. Are you an active player?
I am a very active player i go on null pkz atleast 4hrs a day as i still have school.

6. What could you bring to the NullPk/Scape community?
i could bring a nice friendly environment for everyone who plays nullPKz and a helpful person who will answer every questions they ask. i also could advertise as i am a member of youtube so i could get you many more players.

7. Please tell us if you are maxed yet in the NullPkz/Scape game.
no i am not yet maxed out in the game.

8. Have you had any experience in any other private server with a staff position?
yes indeed i have, i was a mod on one server and a admin on another.

Also i would like to include a paragraph why you would choose me ok,I think you should hire me as a staff member because i am on the game when not many staff is on so it would help every player playing also i could advertise to bring more members in like at school to all my friends and other members.if you did hire me i would also create a post where any player can ask there questions and i will answer and help them all so please consider my offer .PEACE OUT king Bye Brandon

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Gu44th's mod application
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